Web Design

Web Design is our speciality. There is no website that we cannot do. From simple brochure sites to complex e-commerce solutions, if you can imagine it, we can do it.

10 years ago a website was seen as a bolt-on to any business that people thought they needed simply because their competition had one. Nowadays it's an important extension to your company that, if built correctly, can end up being more successful that your shop front. It's also usually the first thing people see before deciding to deal with you rather than a competitor. 

Quality doesn't have to cost the earth

Unfortunately there so many websites out there that were done 5 years ago by someone's nephew in their bedroom and haven't been updated since. 

These kind of sites rarely do a business any justice and they just end up looking cheap and tacky. Consequently any customer visiting these sites will get a poor reflection of what actually could be a high quality business.

Cheap websites in 10 minutes...

We've all seen the adverts promising you a quick website you can build yourself in 10 minutes. In principle it's a great idea but there are so many bad elements to it that they defeat the original purpose.

- It uses a template, so your website will look exactly like hundreds of others.
- Want a scrolling gallery in there? Sorry, the system doesn't do that.
- It usually has advertising for the hosts embedded within the site, either with a header that you can't get rid of or control or with a subdomain, e.g. davesplumbing.cheapwebsites.com
- You won't be able to use proper email addresses. Instead you'll have to rely on your good old hotmail account; a sure sign of a cheap business.

I don't even have a domain name

Don't worry in the slightest, we can sort out absolutely everything for you. We can suggest domain names, sort out the hosting, build the site and show you how to use it.

Even if you have a website somewhere that was built years ago and you haven't a clue who's hosting it, we'll do it all for you. You literally don't have to worry about a thing.

You'll be kept up to speed every single step of the way and we won't do anything without consulting you first.

I want my site to do something not seen before

Excellent, we love a good challenge. Just tell us what you want your site to do and we'll do it. It really is as simple as that.

Why should I choose Jabb Design?

Because we care. Because we absolutely guarantee that we will do our best for you. Because we use the latest web technologies to make sure your website is ahead of your competition. Because our prices are always competitive and because we'll look after you every step of the way.

Our Services and Methodologies

  • Content Management System

    Hand Written, Customisable, Intuitive


We've written our own Content Management System from the ground up specifically for the small business. You can edit virtually every part of your website's content, upload gallery or content images and resize them online, drag and drop sort your pages, create new pages or edit the existing ones. It's comprehensive but easy to use, full training is given and any questions are just a phone call away.

  • W3C Compliancy

    The correct way to build a website

W3C Compliant

The W3C is the World Wide Web Consortium and was founded and currently led by Sir Tim Berners-Lee (the inventer of the modern internet and the person to blame for having to say 'www' to people all the time). They provide the standards of the web and how a web page should be written. Also in practical terms Google likes it when a page is written properly and will rank it higher.

  • CSS3

    Add movement to your websites


We enjoy seeing what new things the web has to offer, and the most important upgrade recently is the invention of CSS3. Since Flash went the way of the Dodo people have been looking to employ spark back into their websites and CSS3 allows this perfectly. Many of the aspects of this website was written using CSS3 and can be added into your website too

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    The act of getting your website onto the front page of Google


What's the point of having a brand new site if you're buried on page 15. Jabb Design can get you up there. Every client that we've provided SEO for has gotten onto the front page of Google for their chosen key phrases. This has helped with brand recognition and generated sales. It's a small investment that has paid dividends in the long run.

  • Adwords

    A guaranteed return on investment


The reason so many people use Adwords is that they work, simple as that. Jabb Design can help get the most out of your existing adwords campaign or start up a brand new one for you. We will send you monthly reports, adjust your campaign accordingly each time and help keep a lid on spiralling costs by suggesting the best phrases for maximum return and investment conversion.

  • Mobile Version

    A clean, beautiful version of your desktop site

Mobile Website

In 2014 mobile browsing overtook fixed internet access and the need for a mobile version of your website is greater than ever. As with most internet technologies what started out as a fancy add-on has now become as important as the website itself. People need to be able to view your site on the move as easily as if they were sat in front of their computer. Jabb Design have been building mobile versions of their clients sites for years including full shopping cart driven website for hiring skips.

  • Skip Hire

    The cleanest and best solution for Skip Hire Website

Skip Hire

No, we don't do skip hire, but we definitely do skip hire websites. In fact, we believe our skip hire websites are the best in the business. From automated postcode quoting to selecting day and time of delivery, we offer the complete solution in skip hire websites. The entire website is manageable by the client and prices/postcodes can be completely updated in about 8 minutes. Call Jabb Design today to see the kind of website we can create for you.

  • HTML Emailers

    Cheap, professional and easy to populate

HTML Emails

As a bolt-on to our CMS we offer the ability for you to create your own HTML emailers. A wonderful and cheap way to encourage repeat business from your customers and let them know of your latest offers. We'll provide you with a beautiful template, all you do is fill in the blanks, add in your recipients and you can send as often or as little as you like. View detailed reports of who's opened it and whether they clicked through to the website from the email, all in real-time. A very popular solution for many of our clients.